I remember sitting at the graduation ceremony for my best friend´s graduation and as the ceremony went by, they called the student speaker. Here he was, speaking to some of the most influential students in the world. I was not a student at the moment, but he had an impact on me.He inspired me to dream and to pursue my dreams. Those dreams were already within me, what he did was to give me a push. I want to do the same for my fellow graduates. They also have dreams, seeds within themselves that may need to be sprinkled to flourish into their full potential. I am not there to speak in front of them, I want to speak TO them. I want to speak to them; tell them that in the moment when all seems wrong, they are the solution. I want them to keep challenging the status quo and being the change this world needs. This is not a cliché, this is real if they want it to be. I want students to believe because this world has enough people not believing they can be the change.

Students, throughout my three years at VIU, have inspired me to be the best version of myself. Some have taught me that as tough as the situations in our lives may be, we still need to get things done. I have learned to appreciate people and to see the potential in everyone. And that has helped me to seize every opportunity and form long lasting friendships. VIU has helped me meet extraordinary students and with examples of some who were not scared by challenges, I also strive to start my own business. I have learned to pursue my passion for marketing, and thanks to that, to develop my talents. VIU has become the crossroads where my passions meet action. I have learned to DO, not just to dream.

I would not be happier with my time as a student. I seized every opportunity; through internships, contacts, and hard work, I can say I have built a strong resume to be able to be part of the change my community back home needs. I developed a strong personality to interact with some of the most influential people in the world, in a city where everyone seeks to make the world a better place.