Posted on: April 27, 2017

How to Dress for Graduation

How to Dress for Graduation

Graduation is right around the corner!

For those who are graduating, the commencement ceremony is a significant occasion and you want to make sure you look good for this memorable day! The graduation ceremony will take around four to five hours and is a combination of standing and sitting. Make sure your dress comfortably albeit appropriately.

Graduates, in addition to wearing your standardized regalia, you should also follow appropriate graduation dress code. Please check out our post on How to Dress for Success to guide you.

Gentlemen are recommended to wear a suit and tie or traditional cultural attire under their gown. Ladies are suggested to wear a semi-formal dress, a nice blouse with a nice skirt or pants, or their traditional cultural attire. Consider wearing a low heel, as there is a combination of sitting and standing for extended periods of time.  Keep the dark color scheme of the gown in mind too – bright colors may show through your dark gown.

Please, no jeans/ denim or sneakers/athletic shoes.

All graduates’ guests should also be wearing semi-formal, business attire, or traditional cultural dress to the graduation ceremony.

Caring For Your Regalia

Remove the gown and place on a hanger to allow the folds to fall out, and steam your gown or press with a warm iron. Keep your regalia on a hanger to avoid wrinkles. Make sure your regalia is wrinkle free for graduation!

How to Wear Your Regalia

A hood should be around the neck with the largest portion hanging down the back. The color inside the hood, which indicates your specific field of study should be visible. To keep your hood from being tight against your neck, there is a cord on the front to secure it to the gown via a shirt button. Caps should not be tilted towards anyone side, including towards the back. Wear your tassel on the right front side before the ceremony. You will move the tassel to the left side during the ceremony after you get your diploma. “The turning of the tassel ceremony” symbolizes one’s transition from candidate to graduate. Regalia must be worn until the end of the ceremony- do not wear too many layers of clothes- it might be hot!

Regalia must be worn until the end of the ceremony- do not wear too many layers of clothes- it might be hot!

Decorating Your Graduation Cap

Graduation cap decoration has become a fun formality for graduates all around the world! We welcome graduates to celebrate their accomplishments and creativity by decorating the top of the cap if you so choose. Here are some great ideas from other graduates!