Posted on: March 3, 2017

Virginia is for Lovers

Virginia is for Lovers

Valentine’s Day is over but the sentiment of love and showing compassion for each other remains. So does Valentine’s Day actually have anything to do with why “Virginia is for Lovers?” Valentine’s Day remembers St. Valentine, who was persecuted for secretly marrying couples after it was forbidden. You can learn more about the history of Valentine’s Day here. Surprisingly, Virginia’s slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day or a subtle nod to the Virgin Queen in which the state was named for.

Virginia is for Lovers is a tourism campaign developed in 19691. The concept is based on the idea that whatever you love can be found or done in Virginia. Early ideas included “Virginia is for history lovers,” “Virginia is for mountain lovers,” and “Virginia is for beach lovers.”

If you love history, you can find it in Virginia. Several founding fathers’ historic homes are open to the public;  8 US Presidents were born in Virginia including 4 of the first 5 presidents2.

Love the beach? Yep, Virginia has that too. Visitors can visit the famous beaches of Assateague Island or Chincoteague to see the wild ponies and enjoy the sunshine.

Want to hike the mountains? No problem. Virginia is home to several different mountain ranges including the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains.

Virginia International University is located in an amazing area in Virginia. Less than an hour from the US Capital in Washington, DC, an hour from the wonderful Shenandoah National Park, and tons of water-based activities along the Potomac River; VIU not only provides high-quality education but is surrounded by anything and everything from arts and history to hiking and water activities any student has a passion for.

Explore Virginia and find something new to love in VIU’s backyard.