Posted on: February 1, 2017

New Parking Regulations

New Parking Regulations
In an effort to keep students, staff, and visitors to our campus safe, we would like to remind you about the dedicated entrance and exit to the parking lot facilities.  Please only use the exit for leaving the premises, and the entrance for arrivals.  This helps to ease the flow of traffic and eliminate any close calls or accidents on campus.  Please be reminded that the front row of parking at the building entrance is reserved for visitors.  Please do not park in that area under any circumstance. 

We have now designated parking spaces for University staff and faculty, as well as 20 reserved spaces along the back row of the parking lot that no VIU staff, faculty, or student is permitted to park in. 

Please take a few moments to review the parking lot layout and become familiar with the areas in which you are permitted to park.  As always, there will be patrols of the parking lot, and offenders will be fined or towed, when necessary.

If you have any questions about the new parking regulations, please contact