Posted on: January 9, 2017

Effective Writing skills

Effective Writing skills

Effective writing skills are very important for success in any field, so mastering them is a crucial task for anyone. Effective writing skills help students during exams as well as writing resumes to impress future employers. Written communication can be classified into three categories: organization, style, and content.

Organization of ideas

  1. Understand the basic purpose of your writing
  2. Identify the key points, facts and themes in the communication
  3. Structure the ideas in a logical manner
  4. Be precise and to the point
  5. Put related ideas into the same paragraph
  6. The content should be grammatically correct and meaningful


  1. Decide whether to be formal or informal
  2. Know the level of content will be included in the communication
  3. Understand your reader
  4. Decide the level of comprehension that can be used


  1. Understand the concept thoroughly before writing
  2. Have an overview of the topic at hand
  3. Present the communication in a layman approach
  4. Don’t complicate things
  5. Present the content in a logical way

The above ideas are not comprehensive but following these can help in effective communication