Posted on: October 5, 2016

Meet Rolake Olajubu!

Meet Rolake Olajubu!

My name is Rolake Olajubu from Nigeria and I am a student of VIU studying my Master of Science in International Relations (Business). 

I became interested in this field towards the end of my first degree (B.A English) in Nigeria because I felt I needed to go for something more challenging and benefiting.Since coming to this school, while it indeed been a lot more challenging academically,I have gained the tools to learn how to overcome these challenges. My favorite part of taking this program at VIU and what I appreciate, is knowing firsthand that they invested in quality education by providing highly qualified, intelligent professors as well as. Thanks to them, I have been able to
broaden my horizons tremendously.

I am looking forward to graduating and using my degree to work within the government or choose a non-governmental job opportunity that comes my way. Ultimately, I know the choice is mine and I am one step closer to my goals!

Rolake Olajubu , MIR Student