Posted on: October 6, 2016

International Business Conference 2016

International Business Conference 2016

This year, Virginia International University’s School of Business will host its first annual International Business Conference during October 27-28, at our main campus in Fairfax, Virginia.

The 2016 International Business Conference will be a two-day event with several concurrent sessions and notable speakers from business and academicians from around the world. This event is designed to provide members of the academic and professional business communities with quality educational and networking opportunities for the purpose of enhancing their careers, operational procedures, profitability, and other aspects critical to successfully conducting business within the global community.

The conference attendees will have an opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from our guest speakers – crafted around the theme “Initiating, Expanding, and Sustaining Global Business Success,” each session will add breadth, depth and application possibilities, blending issues into the global understanding of our roles as practitioners and academics.  Here are just a few guest speakers and topics they will be discussing at the conference:

Michael Pristas, Director of Sales, Gridco Systems
Renewable Energy & Power Quality… Strange Bedfellows

Jose Vargas Hernandez, Research Professor, University of Guadalajara
Intervention Strategies for the Implementation of an Administrative and Financial Control System in a Small Business

Abebe Chariye, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of South Africa
Measuring the Efficiency of Pan African Commercial Banks

To find more information about the International Business Conference 2016 and to register, please visit the website