Posted on: September 12, 2016

WRMC Folklore, Rumors, and Myths Part I: Scheduling an Appointment

WRMC Folklore, Rumors, and Myths Part I: Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment

I love walking around campus for many reasons: I can watch teachers and students interact, visit the many resources we have on campus, and hear what students and faculty say about–well–anything and everything! One of the things that especially delights my earlobes is when I hear rumors and myths about the WRMC. Some of these rumors are funny and strange, while others are simply untrue though they sound true. The WRMC has been around for almost a year, and while it have increased its presence, there are still a fair amount of myths out there about it.

Of course, some myths I love, such as, “I hear the WRMC tutor is perfect!” Okay, I might be imperfect–everyone is–but the myth certainly gives me an ego boost! Others, though, I certainly need to clarify. Today’s myth is one that has been circulating around campus for a while and is something I need to address:

Myth #1: You must schedule an appointment with the WRMC at least 3 weeks in advance. They are already booked for this part of the semester. 

My answer? Nope. No, no, no, and no. What concerns me is that students tell their professors this as a reason why they have not yet gone to the center on their professors’ advice. Yes, we are currently slightly busy, and, quite frankly, will only become busier as we trudge deeper into the semester. However, we have never been so busy that we have turned away students and told  them we could not schedule an appointment for at least three weeks. The average wait time between requesting a consultation and your actual appointment is anywhere between one day and one week.

That said, your best bet is to go to our website and look at two things: First, the WRMC calendar. Here, you will be able to check the center’s overall, weekly schedule. Second, look at its Twitter feed where I post daily openings. So if you see a post on Twitter that tells you 12:30pm-1:00pm is open, then visit me! I can see you as a walk-in appointment or we can chat about future availabilities that match your schedule. You may also reach us on Twitter’s site by clicking here.

Still not sure if you can grab a last, lingering appointment? Always e-mail me before speaking to anyone else. Since I plan the appointments and schedule the events, I have first-hand knowledge of what is, in fact, going on at the center.