Posted on: July 21, 2016

Volunteer Event: Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer Event: Habitat for Humanity
Today (July 21, 2016) will be one of my memorable days volunteering with a great team of Volunteers from Virginia International University taking their Summer – 2 Classes and also taking out their time to volunteer for some good causes. Our Team for the day included: Abhishek, Sanju, Abhinay, Saji, Adil, Chandini, Vishnu and Avinash
We took part along with the team of “Restore – Habitat for Humanity” supporting them rearrange the “Ware House at Chantilly.” We also met with the kind lady at the store Ms. Tammy, one of the administrative staff, she welcomed us with a hearty smile and warm encouraging words. After a short video about the safety precautions and signing the consent we put our safety gears on (Gloves, Glasses and Shoe) and got ready to go into the Warm Warehouse (95 Degrees).
In the Ware House, the fun of Volunteering began with breaking down the furniture before throwing them into the dumpster, unloading some building insulation material from a rusty truck, rearranging the old stack of ladders, cleaning some dusty lamps and showcase items, helping shift the sold products to the elderly customer’s vehicle and receiving back a wide smile…. All of these situations may look pretty simple but for me what matters is the satisfaction at the end of the day before going to bed, keeps us smiling all throughout the night.


I am eagerly waiting for a House Building Project very soon….