Posted on: July 26, 2016

Highly Effective Time Management Tips

Highly Effective Time Management Tips

When you’re pursuing your degree, you’ve got plenty to juggle – and, if you’re working as well, then time is even more precious. So, to succeed, it’s crucial that you cultivate excellent time management habits. To help, we’ve gathered practical time management tips for college students from around the web.

First, don’t forget the basics. reminds us that using a calendar effectively is step one, with step two being to write down everything. By everything, they include “when you plan to sleep, when you are going to do your laundry, when you’re going to call your parents.” Avoid using multiple calendars as this gives you even more documents to keep up, and leave some room for flexibility for unexpected events.

Another article from emphasizes the power of the word “no.” It can be tempting to say “yes” to too much, ranging from joining an intriguing-sounding club to helping someone else with his or her homework, leaving you with too little time to juggle your own responsibilities. One great thing about college life, the article points out, is that there are always amazing activities going on; one challenging thing about college life? That there are always amazing activities going on! Simply remind yourself that, after you’re done with homework and other work, then you can enjoy these activities without guilt.

US News comes at the time management challenge from another angle: when schedules are tight, it’s natural to consider cutting back on sleep. This, though, can throw everything out of kilter, including your physical and mental health, along with your levels of stress. So, when you’re making your daily or weekly plan, be sure to pencil in enough time for sleep.

Having said all this, you know what else needs scheduled? Time to celebrate milestones! suggests that you “Give yourself and others permission to be proud of your hard work – and mark the progression towards your degree.”

Take Advantage of University Student Resources

You can find all sorts of library-related student resources here with targeted resources also available for the:

University student resources also include study rooms. Students are encouraged to use empty classrooms, and reservations are not required. The registrar’s office posts a room’s availability outside each room for your reference.

Here’s more! Job hunting is a part of the student experience, whether it’s a job that you’re needing while you’re at the university or a career that you’re preparing for, post-graduation. In either case, you’ll save time by heading straight to our university career services area, where you can receive career advice, and benefit from employment search resources and workshops to help you develop job search skills. There’s even software that will help you polish your job interviewing skills!