Pictured: Samiullah Samsor posing for the University Magazine. 
Samiullah is a recent graduate of Virginia International University.  He received his Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Public Management.  Samisullah plans on taking his talents to his home country in order to make a significant difference.  Read on for his graduation speech.
By Samiullah Samsor 

It was a nice, sunny day.  The sun was about to set over the mountains of Afghanistan I was in love with.  I was simply enjoying the sun at that very moment.  This nice moment gave me time to think about my country and my life.  It was around the time the Taliban was ruling – I did not understand how they led my beloved country.  We did not have the life necessities.  In addition to this, the education in my country was low quality, and it was not clear whether or not I should continue with my schooling.  My father, however, kept sending me to school in order to maintain my education.

As the world rapidly develops, there is always more to learn, but the Taliban replaced our science textbooks and lessons with religious books.  I remember how hard it was for our math teacher to teach us from Shama, a religious text. 

So, on that day looking over the mountains, I wondered where my country would be going next.  I did not know what to do, but I was at peace looking over the mountains considering my options.

Today, I am at peace again.  It is different today though, as I stand in beautiful Virginia, because I have the power to do something for my country now that I am receiving my Masters in Public Administration.

At VIU, we have received the most up-to-date education in one of the best locations in the country. For example, I have had the opportunity to attend a myriad of events in Washington DC and throughout Virginia.  As a whole, we have the chance to work with the best internships in the US, and we get to learn and live in the globally diverse City of Fairfax.  Just from these aspects, I believe that we have the ability to grow more than everyone else. 


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July 21, 2016

VIU Tigers last night match was so interesting. The tigers team is ranked number 5 in the FXA Adult sports league. The opposite team tried to score many goals but our Tigers were powerful and strong. The goalkeeper defended his net very well and he was able to stoe more than 5 possible goals. It was nice to watch VIU Tigers team playing and I would encourage the students to go enjoy the coming matches and support our Tigers.
Today (July 21, 2016) will be one of my memorable days volunteering with a great team of Volunteers from Virginia International University taking their Summer – 2 Classes and also taking out their time to volunteer for some good causes. Our Team for the day included: Abhishek, Sanju, Abhinay, Saji, Adil, Chandini, Vishnu and Avinash
We took part along with the team of “Restore – Habitat for Humanity” supporting them rearrange the “Ware House at Chantilly.” We also met with the kind lady at the store Ms. Tammy, one of the administrative staff, she welcomed us with a hearty smile and warm encouraging words. After a short video about the safety precautions and signing the consent we put our safety gears on (Gloves, Glasses and Shoe) and got ready to go into the Warm Warehouse (95 Degrees).
In the Ware House, the fun of Volunteering began with breaking down the furniture before throwing them into the dumpster, unloading some building insulation material from a rusty truck, rearranging the old stack of ladders, cleaning some dusty lamps and showcase items, helping shift the sold products to the elderly customer’s vehicle and receiving back a wide smile…. All of these situations may look pretty simple but for me what matters is the satisfaction at the end of the day before going to bed, keeps us smiling all throughout the night.

I am eagerly waiting for a House Building Project very soon….

VIU Cricket First Leather Ball Match
The VIU Tigers Cricket Team had a match on Tuesday July 19, 2016. It was very interesting match our VIU Tigers were very energetic. The match started at 7:30 pm and our team started with bowling. The VIU Tigers bowlers were really strong and the wicket keeper was in good communication with them. The VIU Tigers scored 3 wickets. After 2 hours of bowling our VIU Tigers started batting and shortly after started to score high points. One of VIU Tigers “Mahesh Babu” scored almost 50 runs by himself. We also saw the hard work of Raj Kishore Ravi who built the cricket club.
It was a good game to watch and we believe that with more practice VIU Tigers will have great chance to win the league.