Posted on: June 9, 2016

How to overcome test anxiety

How to overcome test anxiety

Test anxiety is a common and a devastating problem which most of the test takers face in life. Even after good preparation most of the test takers fail to secure a good score. Anxiety can occur either before the exam or during the exam and this can lead to unexpected results in the final exam. Some people express it openly and some don’t but the end result would be shocking if test anxiety is not properly handled. We at VIU School of Test Preparation has devised some effective strategies to overcome this problem. Our result oriented training helps students to cope with stress and secure high scores in the final test. To give you an overview of the strategies, we divided test anxiety in to two categories for effectively handling it i.e., Anxiety before and during the exam. VIU-STP suggests you a Ten Commandment rule to overcome anxiety before and after the exam. The rules are

Ten Commandments to overcome anxiety before the exam

  • Follow a well prepared plan religiously
  • Maintain good health
  • Allow plenty of time to relax and revise before the exam
  • Approach exam with confidence
  • Have a sound sleep before the exam
  • Don’t talk to multiple people which unnecessarily creates tension
  • Have a healthy breakfast or lunch before the exam
  • Be at the exam hall before time
  • Carry all necessary stationery in abundance
  • Know the pattern of the exam before hand

Ten Commandments to overcome anxiety during the exam

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Carry a water bottle and watch along with you
  • Read the directions carefully
  • Allot appropriate time to each section
  • Try to leave some extra time for revision
  • Don’t Panic if you does not know any question
  • Skip a question if it is too time taking or complex
  • In case of a written exam, try to mark or write legibly
  • Be composed all throughout the exam
  • Don’t discuss the questions after writing the exam

These simple techniques can create a big difference in cracking the test. We at VIU School of Test Preparation help you to practice these strategies and guide you through securing the best score in the exam