Posted on: April 29, 2016

Congratulations Spring 2016 Poster Presenters!

Congratulations Spring 2016 Poster Presenters!

On April 14th, 2016, twenty-two students presented their research and finals projects at the university’s Academic Showcase. The topics of presentations ranged from education to politics. In total, 3 schools were represented at the poster session: the School of Education, the School of Public and International Affairs, and the General Education Program. Below is a list of presenters and their topics.


School of Education:

Ala’a Ghaith (TESOL)
Does Motivation Lead to Code-Switching?
Kaewkhwan Srisang (TESOL)
The effect of learning vocabulary through a learner’s preferred learning style 
Somprach Nawaruan (TESOL)

Flexibility of Learners’ Belief and their motivation about Grammar Instruction after Being Expose to an alternative type of grammar instruction

Dil Kumar Deuja (TESOL)

The fluency of an introverted person gets directly affected by the kind of people he is speaking with


Sihui Shao (APLX)

A case-study on the relationship between presonality and willingness to communicate of a Chinese ESL student

School of Public and International Affairs

Ademola Onafuye (SPIA)
Insurgency and the Nigerian Government
AnneMarie Gasparik (SPIA)

Status of New Democracies Since the 2011 Arab Spring

Murat Bakir (SPIA)
Russia and Turkey: A Democratization Comparison
 Daniel Okabe (SPIA)
Comparing South African Politics vs Uganda Politics in relation to Uganda’s recent 2016 elections and democracy in both countries.
Michael Okuh (SPIA)

Debates and discussions in the presidential primaries: A comparison of the sanders and trump campaigns

General Education Program

Fariha Binte Ashraf (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfolio: Teluga
Manikanta Duddu (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfolio: Mongolian
Shiva Prahalad Kamalanabham (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfoilio: Teluga
Sumanth Kudapa (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfoilio: Teluga
Humberto Alejandro Lazo (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfoilio: Italian
Zeshanuddin Mohammad (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfolio: Bengali
Jay Kalpeshbhai Patel (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfoilo: Hindi
Khusbu Rimal (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfoilio: Bengali
Jokhongir Siddikov (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfoilio: Russian
Israt Jahan Soniya (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfoilio: Nepali
Anudari Tsogtbayar (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfolio: Vietnamese
 Barakat Yusuf (GEC: LING 105)
Ethnolinguistic Portfolio: Spanish

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