On August 5th, 2015, the WRMC will be holding peer review groups. Peer review is a great way to meet people with different perspectives who can help enrich your project, paper,and/or research. The WRMC will form peer review group, teach students how to peer review, then give students an opportunity to peer review each others’ papers.

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How will peer review work? Students can contact the WRMC  at wrmc@viu.edu by August 3rd  to be asked to be placed in a peer review group. They should attach their papers, or parts of the papers, in the e-mail, and the rest of the group will be given the paper to read and review. Then they will all meet on August 5th for a corrective feedback session lead by the WRMC coach. 

Please also tell us the following in your e-mail:
What class are you writing the paper for?
Did your professor give specific instructions? 
When is your paper due (optional)?

What can I submit for peer review? Any written work, complete or incomplete: papers, assignments, summaries, theses, projects. As long as it is not an exam, you may submit it!

Students in Dr. Weaver’s Public Policy Analysis and Implementation class have published their class project as a chapter in the book Crisis Management: A Leadership Perspective. Their chapter is entitled “An Exploratory Study: FEMA Regional Headquarters Presence and Past Disasters and Their Impact on State DHS Grants.” Congratulations to Yetunde Banjo, Samiullah Samsor, Sanam Srujana, Mary Vayaliparampil, and Dr. John Weaver! The book will be available in the VIU Library in the Fall 2015 semester.


VIU-5989On June 18, 2015, Virginia International University (VIU) hosted a convening of county and community leaders for the release of the “Equitable Growth Profile of Fairfax County” report and to discuss the implications for economic and community development and strategies to provide equal opportunities to all members of the diverse population living in Fairfax County.

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