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On June 12, 2015 a group of VIU students had the chance to experience the beauty and heritage of the National Cathedral in person as they took part in a tour of the church in northwest Washington, DC. 

As they toured the cathedral, the group of students who hailing from all over the world took in the breathtaking view. The blue sky gave way to the colossal gates and lattices of the cathedral; as they approached, the students knew why it took master iron-workers from all over the country a staggering 83 years to complete the cathedral. The magnificent structure reveals the intricacy and precision of the architecture uncommon to even the modern world we live in today. The students were simply awestruck.

church 2“We have many monuments where I come from, especially pyramids. However, what I saw when we were casually strolling past the front gates of the cathedral was beyond any description. I couldn’t fully comprehend the beauty of it,” said Hasan Naggy, a VIU graduate student from Egypt.

The architects and iron-workers did a fantastic job of transforming raw materials into fluid shapes representing humans, nature, mountains, and the telling of a story of biblical proportions. The tour guide lead the group into the passage of the cathedral and explained how former presidents like Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Regan, and Gerald Ford all had their final goodbyes held under this very dome, thereby making the National Cathedral a significant player in US history.

At the end of the day, the students all expressed a common solace in their hearts which was perhaps also felt by the great Martin Luther King, Jr. who delivered his final sermon here. It was undoubtedly a memory the group will have for a lifetime.


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