The beginning of the Spring 2015 semester brought happy news to our university community: VIU will now offer a regular shuttle service to its students, faculty, staff, and guests. The shuttle, which provides service at designated times Monday through Saturday, will transport passengers between VIU’s Village Drive and Pender campuses. Current students have expressed their appreciation for this new, easy way to get from one class to another without the need for a long walk or waiting for the bus. The shuttle also will provide transportation to university events, such as the new student orientation event which was held on January 15 in the Village Drive location. In the future, the shuttle will also provide transportation to off-campus university-sponsored events.

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Word of the Day: Esoteric

Esoteric (adjective): only taught to or understood by members of a special group : hard to understand (“Esoteric”, 2015, para.1).

“The professor‘s esoteric language caused Ella to question if she could pass astrophysics.”

Can you use esoteric in a sentence? Send us your sentence using esoteric and we will post it on our blog!

Want to learn more about sentence structure? Check out our page called “The APA Cheat Sheet.”


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Dear Students,

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. We will start providing the student ID Cards on January 20th for this semester. Please find below the times in which you can obtain your student ID cards at the Student Center.

The School of Education (SED) at Virginia International University (VIU) welcomes all to join us for the first event of the Spring 2015 semester in our Voices from the Field speaker series: a presentation entitled Publishing ESL Materials: Opportunities and Challenges. Experienced ESL instructors and textbook authors Donette Brantner-Artenie and Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas will be presenting the talk on Thursday, January 22, 2015 from 2 – 3:00 PM in the Waples Mill Conference Room (located at 11200 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA  22030.)

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VIU will continue to offer e-textbooks to nearly all of its students in the Spring 2015 through VitalSource, previously known as CourseSmart. All textbooks available as e-textbooks have been added to Moodle for each course. Students may access these books by logging into their Moodle accounts. For those books not available as e-textbooks, students are required to obtain a copy on their own.

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