Posted on: December 15, 2014

VIU’s 2015 Calendar Now Available!

VIU’s 2015 Calendar Now Available!

VIU is excited to announce the publication of its annual calendar for 2015. The calendar initiative at VIU is a very exciting collaboration among students, faculty, and the Communications Department. 

The pages of this year’s calendar feature important dates and deadlines from VIU’s Admissions Office, the official academic calendar, and VIU academic program offerings in 2015. This is a helping aid to current and future students alike; not only will you be reminded of application deadlines, you also have VIU’s official breaks and deadline information at your fingertips! As an institution, we pride ourselves on the great diversity of our student body. This has been an integral theme of our calendar each year. In the 2015 calendar, VIU students hailing from countries such as Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Iran, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, the US, and Vietnam are featured as models.

The calendar is available online for everyone at no cost. Click here to see the 2015 VIU calendar and start your new year.

If you are interested in studying at VIU, our online application is quick and easy. We would love to have you join us her in the US or in our classrooms online. At VIU, you can dream about your future, make new friends, be inspired by world-class faculty, see the world differently, explore new opportunities, share you culture, and accomplish your educational goals!