Posted on: November 7, 2014

Ask a Coach: How do I cite a handout?

Ask a Coach: How do I cite a handout?

Q. The WRMC has so many sources! I am excited and overwhelmed at once–how do I cite a WRMC handout?

A.  We know, we know, our resources are just too fantastic not to use. Whether you are researching teaching philosophies, APA style, or paper formatting, we have some great tips and templates for you! However, just as you would a journal article from a database, you also want to give us credit where credit is due, thank-you-very-much!*

Truth be told, we wanted to find the best way to teach you how to cite the WRMC, and sometimes, especially with handouts, these directions are not so clear cut. Luckily, our go-to guide for all things APA, (2014), has taught us a thing or two about citing web documents:

For a document like our APA Cheat Sheet, your in-text citation would like like this:
(WRMC, 2014)

Though, to be frank, because we get our rules from the APA Manual 6th Edition, your in-text citation may also look like this:
According to the APA Manual, 6th Edition (as cited in WRMC, 2014)…

Your reference page citation for a word document would look like this:

WRMC. (2014). APA Citation Guide [Word Document]. Retrieved from htt://url

So go ahead, use our resources–we’re honored and delighted.

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