Posted on: October 22, 2014

Standing Out in a Meeting

Standing Out in a Meeting

How to Stand Out in a Meeting:
Hints & Tips for Making a Memorable Impression

Is there a big meeting on your schedule in which you will be presenting or brushing elbows with powerful colleagues or business contacts? Maybe it is time for you to brush up on some of your professional skills. Check our hints and tips for making a memorable impression on colleagues and business contacts compiled by VIU student Nina De Leos.

Be Prepared

You can’t go into battle without appropriate training and gear. The same is true for a meeting. If you’re presenting at a meeting, go over your notes and your presentation the day before. Do this carefully; people usually overlook tiny mistakes that can affect the presentation. Make sure all tech devices are working properly to help you avoid delays. Even if you are simply listening in on a meeting, it is still important to be prepared. A laptop, or a simple pen and paper, can help you to remain engaged with the material which is discussed. Always be prepared to take down important notes during the meeting.

Follow Up

Email meeting attendees to confirm that the meeting is still taking place. In case something came up on their schedules, or if they forgot about the meeting, attendees will thank you for reminding them of the appointment. This keeps you ahead of the game and makes you stand out as well.

Dress Properly

Dress to impress but don’t overdo it. Although your work ethic and skills might be outstanding, people will still see your outer appearance first and first impressions last a lifetime. Pick out an outfit that shows your style but is also professional. One bold (not neon) color can help you stand out. Keep it clean and simple.

Arrive Early

They say the early bird catches the worm. I can remember hearing this saying as far back as elementary school and it still stands true. The earliest person to the meeting stands out. It shows that you are organized and reliable.

Introduce Yourself Well

Stand up straight, smile, look others in the eye, shake hands firmly, and speak clearly. Good posture shows confidence. Smiling makes you more approachable. Looking people in the eye shows acknowledgement and respect. Shaking others’ hands firmly shows trust. Speaking clearly makes it easier for others to understand you, meaning they listen to what you say much more closely.

Listen and Take Notes

Open your ears and be aware of the people who talking. You are in a meeting for a reason. Everything the speaker says is important and you should take notes on it. Taking notes will help refresh your memory on what was discussed in case you have to report to someone about the meeting or if you want to talk to the speaker after. Listening and taking notes is a good combination to help you stand out in a meeting.

Hand Out Your Business Card

You need something to be remembered by and a business card is the best way to do just that. A business card can help other people contact you after the meeting if they need anything from you or if they simply want to get in touch with you because you made a lasting impression on them. A business card is a must for networking!

This blog post was written by Nica De Leos. Nica is a VIU student and works as a student support representative in VIU’s Marketing Department. She is working toward her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.