Posted on: May 27, 2014

How to Succeed in Online Classes: Advice from a Current VIU Student

How to Succeed in Online Classes:  Advice from a Current VIU Student

How to Succeed in Online Classes:
Advice from a Current VIU Student

By Nica DeLeos

Online classes can be difficult if you’ve never taken one before. Students new to online learning struggle because of different reasons: organization, time management, procrastination, etc. Although each student has her own way of succeeding in online classes, the following tips may give you some ideas of how to approach your online classes.

1. Create a schedule.

The number one problem students have when taking an online classes is the extremely flexible schedule. Students sometimes take advantage of all the perceived “free time” and find themselves overwhelmed with coursework either at the end of the course week or the semester. Avoid the temptation to put off course work by setting a schedule throughout the week for tackling readings and completing assignments for your online classes. For example, I always work on my online classes at 7pm daily because that’s the hour when I’m free. This puts me ahead of schedule and has even abled me to finish the semester earlier than the set end date.

2. Have a clean and closed work area

Working from home can be very distracting. The television, kitchen, bed, and many other things in your home can distract you from working on your online class assignments. Make sure you have a space where you’re seated upright and there are no items that can distract you. Your workplace should be clean to keep you focused and organized.

3. Read the syllabus thoroughly

A lot of students simply skim through the syllabus expecting the same rules from every professor. This isn’t the case! The requirements and grading system vary with different professors. It is important to carefully and thoroughly read the syllabus to be knowledgeable of the class requirements and deadlines. This gives you an idea of how to approach the class, manage your time, and set personal deadlines.

4. Talk to your professor

Interacting with your professor early on in the semester helps you build a relationship with him or her. It reassures your professor that you are present and well aware of the class. If you have any questions, the professor is always the best person to ask. He or she can help you find solutions to any problems you are facing and may even give you tips that can help you succeed in the class. It’s also a good idea to thank your professor for all the material and feedback he or she provides!

5. Study

There is no need to further explain this. It is very important that you study the material for your online class in order to succeed.

These are the key things you should do in order to succeed in online classes. Once you’ve practiced these steps and mastered them, you’re on your way to getting an A. Good luck!