Posted on: February 10, 2014

Job Fair Preparation Workshop

Job Fair Preparation Workshop

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as having said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It may be grim, but his advice is good – and applies to many aspects of our lives!

In keeping with Mr. Franklin’s advice, the VIU Career Center is excited to invite you to attend this year’s Job Fair Preparation Workshop. Prepare yourself for job fairs, interviews, and your future career by attending this workshop where you can get your résumé reviewed, practice mock interviews, learn about introducing yourself effectively, and speak with professionals in the fields of education, business, and information technology.

The workshop will be held on Friday, February 14 from 3-5pm in the Waples Conference Center. Attendees of the workshop – and any future job fairs! – should remember the following:

• Come dressed for success! Business or business casual attire is strongly recommended.
• Bring multiple copies of your résumé.
• Keep a list of any questions you have about the hiring process or particular job positions.

If you have questions about this event or future Career Center events, please contact Ms. Kathleen Covington at

You may pre-register for the event through the Career Center’s Facebook page: