Posted on: January 2, 2014

VIU Welcomes New Students in the Spring ’14 Semester

VIU Welcomes New Students in the Spring ’14 Semester

Every semester, students hailing from all over the world come to VIU to pursue their dreams of studying in America. The Spring semesters see especially large numbers of new students, all of whom are prepared for academic excellence at VIU’s New Student Orientation. New students receive a warm welcome. University staff and faculty eagerly welcome students at workshops, presentations, and other sessions; current student volunteers take new students on a tour of campus and share stories from their own experiences.

New students need only follow 7 steps to get a new and exciting life at VIU under way:

Step 1: Visit the Admissions Office

  •  Meet with an Admissions Officer to check in and sign an Enrollment Agreement Form.
  •  If you wish to transfer credits from another institution, fill out a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form.
  •  Schedule an ESL Placement Test (if you are an international student without an eligible IELTS/TOEFL score). Take your placement test on the given date; allot at least 3 hours for the test and evaluation!
  •  Ask about student scholarships. You may also check for more information!

Step 2: Visit the International Student Services Office

  •  Ask questions related to immigration (if you are an international student).
  •  Speak with a Designated School Official (DSO) for guidance regarding your visa (if you are an international student).

Step 3: Take Care of Academics

  •  Meet with your academic advisor to receive guidance on what courses to take, how many courses to take, and how best to plan for your future semesters.
  •  Register for courses with your academic advisor. Be sure to collect the Course Registration Form to take to the Accounting Office!
  •  Ask your academic advisor about anticipated career opportunities in your field.
  •  If you are an ESL student, collect your textbooks from the Library (located in the Pender building).
  •  If you are an academic program student, you can find your textbook list on the syllabi provided by your professors. You can rent or buy used or new books. Consult the Bookstore webpage at for more information. You may also ask about the free 15-day access to the Course Smart eTextbook rental option!
  • Talk to your dean if you have concerns with your program, a professor, or academic resources. You should also feel free to visit your dean any time throughout the semester!

Step 4: Visit the Registrar’s Office

  •  You have the option to change the courses you have registered for until the add/drop date (on or before January 20, 2014). If you want to change a course, first meet your academic advisor and then submit the appropriate form to the Registrar’s Office.

Step 5: Pay Tuition

  •  Visit the Accounting Office to pay your fees using a debit card, cash, check, etc.
  •  Your payment will include tuition, health insurance fees, activities fees, and other new student fees. Ask for more details in the Accounting Office!
  •  Learn about installment plans and ask for details about late payment penalties.
  •  Learn about online payments.

Step 6: Technology Needs

  •  You will receive your email login information after orientation. Be sure you have provided the Admissions Office with your personal email address so that you receive the needed information! (Contact if you do not receive your campus email credentials. You may also visit them in the Commonwealth building.)
  •  Desktops are available for you to use in all buildings. Simply log in with the credentials provided to you by the IT Department! (You will receive your log in information via email after registering for classes.)
  •  Free WiFi is available in all buildings. Any staff may provide you with the log in password.
  •  Get to know your Student Portal and check frequently for the announcements posted there for you!
  •  Contact IT if you have any technical problem using campus technology. You may also contact them for issues with your personal computer.

Step 7: Visit the Student Center and the Office of Student Affairs

  •  Collect your health insurance card. (Bring the receipt you received after paying tuition and fees in the Accounting Office!)
  •  Get your VIU student ID.
  •  If you haven’t found a place to live, talk to a Student Affairs representative about housing and accommodation.
  •  Meet the Career Center Manager to get the checklist for career preparation.
  •  Meet the Student Activities Manager to learn about student organizations and upcoming activities.
  •  Register to volunteer with the Office of Student Affairs and other departments at VIU.
  •  Visit the VIU Bookstore to buy snacks, VIU custom items, and school supplies.
  •  Collect bus schedules, driver guides, and brochures for visiting areas in the DC/Metro area.
  •  Visit the study room and lounge.
  • Use the Prayer Room for your spiritual time between 8am – 9pm.
  • Check your email for a weekly update from the Office of Student Affairs and the Career Center.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Whether you are a new student ready to attend your first day of classes or if you are just thinking about applying to study with us, we look forward to seeing you here at VIU!