Posted on: January 31, 2014

New Specializations in the Master of Information Systems

New Specializations in the Master of Information Systems

If you have been watching the news lately, chances are you’ve heard some type of story relating to cybersecurity, credit card security breaches, data ethics, or some other topic involving our increasingly virtual- and cyber-based lives. The demand for cybersecurity experts, enterprise project management, and ethical data handling seems to increase daily. As an answer to this growing need, VIU is excited to announce the expansion of its Master of Information Systems (MIS) program to include seven new specializations!

Starting in the Summer I 2014 semester, students enrolling in the MIS program will be able to pursue any of the following specializations:

• Knowledge Management
• Data Management
• Business Intelligence & Data Analysis
• Cybersecurity
• Enterprise Project Management
• Information Assurance
• Health Informatics

New course offerings will include classes focusing on risk management, program management, investment, information assurance, big data, data mining, data warehousing, and ethics – among many other popular topics on the rise in IT. Get the knowledge and experience you need to become a competitive candidate in a booming industry!

Courses will be available both on-ground and online!

For more information, visit the School of Computer Information Systems!