Just in time for Virginia International University’s 15th Anniversary, we are proud to launch University Magazine in 2014. This unique publication is the result of countless hours of hard work and dedication of many staff, faculty and students. The first issue features stories on everyday student life as well as hot topics in education, technology, and current affairs. Inspirational stories of our students, selected faculty profiles and a section on VIU alumni’s successful post-graduation careers give readers a better understanding of who we are. There are stories not only on VIU daily life, but also on everything from marketing to HR strategy and the future of online education, as well as many more topics.

The magazine shows how truly global the VIU network is, with spotlights on students, alumni and staff from countries around the world. Whether you are interested in education, business or even popular culture, you will find exciting stories in University Magazine. The inaugural issue of the magazine is now available on campus. Pick up your copy today and start your VIU journey!

Interested in contributing to the magazine? Have a story idea you’d like to share? Contact us at magazine@viu.edu.