burnish (transitive verb): polish, make shiny by rubbing


The hotel staff burnished the wooden floor in the lobby until it shone under guests’ shoes.

Alice asked the jeweler to burnish her silver bracelet.

alacrity (noun): readiness to do something quickly and with a cheerful attitude


The alacrity with which Jane completed her tasks at work impressed her boss so much that he gave her a promotion.

Bobby’s unusual alacrity for doing his weekly chores made his mother suspicious.

totter (intransitive verb): to walk slowly and unsteadily


The happy parents took a video of their baby’s first steps as he tottered across the carpet.

rife (adjective): very common (and often unpleasant)


Winter storms are often rife with school closings, power outages, and snow ball fights!

“…when suspicion and cruelty were rife, and gaunt Hunger wept beside Bereavement, – in such a case, the work of any instrument of social regeneration was in large part foredoomed to failure.”
W.E.B. Dubois, The Souls of Black Folk

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