Posted on: November 1, 2013

WRITER’S BLOCK? The WRMC’s got the solutions!!

WRITER’S BLOCK? The WRMC’s got the solutions!!

Are you stuck on getting started with your paper?  Need some advice on getting over your Writer’s Block?  Brainstorming is a good way for you to get started with your paper.

Brainstorming is the process whereby you begin just thinking about what your topic is about.  One good way to get started with brainstorming is to think of all of the things that come to mind about the topic.  This is called “free writing.”  During this process, you just write as many things as possible without deleting anything.  This is not a time for your to evaluate your writing or your ideas.  Get them on paper and then evaluate them.

An example of how to get started is found here.

Good luck with your writing!  If you need help, please consult our Writing Center coaches.  You can make an appointment at wrmc@viu or here.