Posted on: October 29, 2013



There are many different styles of writing just as there are many fields of study/industry.  Many industries choose to adopt certain styles across the field in order to standardize the way in which articles and research papers are formatted.  This makes it easier to read and understand the structure and flow of a paper.

There are many different style formats that exist.  A few are listed below:
American Psychological Association (APA) Style
Chicago Manual Style
Modern Language Association (MLA) Style
Many institutions adopt one style as a preference over others to standardize the way in which writing is formatted across the institution.  Virginia International University has chosen to follow the American Psychological Association Style (commonly called “APA”).

The current version of APA style is based upon the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  There are many resources available to learn how to use APA style.  One excellent resources is managed by the American Psychological Association itself.  Therefore, you don’t need to worry if the information is the most accurate, because it comes directly from the APA.  Check out the “APA Style” website:

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