Posted on: July 31, 2013

VIU Career Center Orientation, Summer II 2013 – July 17, 2013 at Student Center

VIU Career Center Orientation, Summer II 2013 – July 17, 2013 at Student Center

Ms. Shilpa Sainath, Associate Dean of VIU Student Affairs, set off the seminar with a warm welcome to all attendees. Ms. Sainath introduced the guest speaker Ms. Judy Brannock, an executive career coach, and the founder of The Officium Group. Ms. Brannock has been working as an executive coach, business strategist and organization effectiveness consultant for over two decades. She was former Assistant Director of National Professional & Organizational Development Department at Ernst & Young.

The event started with the presentation by Ms. Judy Brannock. She informed the students that their career path starts forming at a very young age. She encouraged the students to decide the career that they enjoy most. She talked about two things in the presentation, and these are Communication and Networking.


  • In an effective communication body gesture and appearance is very important
  • A proper handshake is very important when someone is meeting someone for the first time
  • The shake should be firm but not very hard, and the hand should not be held for long
  • When introducing oneself to others one should announce the name slowly and clearly so that the receiver can understand it properly, and mention in brief one’s occupation
  • Eye contact is very important which indicates that the person is very attentive and interested in the conversation


  • Participate in the networking events e.g. Professional Workshops, Career Fairs, Happy Hours, etc. and meet new business professionals
  • In USA 60-80% job are attained through networking and contacts
  • Being a member of a professional association or networking group helps to make right connections
  • Networking helps to develop individual’s professionalism
  • Find the networking group where you want to pursue your career
  • While meeting new people ask for business cards and make notes on the business cards to remember the person
  • While talking to someone at the networking event do not attend to any phone calls. Keep phones on silent

MMs.Brannocks. Brannock advised, “After coming back from the event you must send an e-mail to the contacts made within 24 hours and mention that you are glad to meet him or her, give your introduction and try to keep in touch for the future”.

VIU Human Resource Assistant, Ms. Tahmima Choudhury, talked about the opportunities on-campus for students. Ms. Choudhury informed the students

How to get the information of on-campus job openings?

  • Check the Blue Noticeboard outside Human Resource Office at Waples Building
  • On the VIU website, student can check the Student on-campus employment opportunities under the Human Resource section
  • All the students will receive an e-mail if there is any job opening on their campus email ids. They need to apply through Career Services Management (CSM) system accessible from VIU Career Center webpage
  • If the students log in to CSM, they need to go to the CSM jobs and they will see the job opening at VIU.

Towards the end of the event Ms. Sainath gave a presentation on the resources offered by VIU Career Center. She talked about several topics which can be mentioned as following:


  • Check the resume writing format form our VIU website
  • Understand the things that should be included on the resume
  • Visit the VIU Career Center and review the resume
  • A presentable resume is essential to apply for volunteering/internships/jobs

Career Service Manager (CSM)

  • Software offered by VIU Career Center to all students and alumni
  • Log in to Career Service Manager (CSM) from VIU Career Center webpage

Create profile, upload résumés and cover letters 

  • To apply for on campus jobs, students must apply via CSM
  • NACE Link is a good way to get the jobs as many universities all around USA post the job opening

Interview Stream

  • Software for practicing interview skills, accessible from VIU Career Center webpage
  • It is a VIU online resource which helps the students to develop their interview skills
  • Students can create and customize the interview according to their needs


  • Participating/Volunteering for the campus activities helps to get some experience and assists in showcasing talents towards prospective employment positions
  • It also helps to develop the networking and communication skills

Ms. Sainath said, “If you are doing something good for your university, the university will definitely appreciate your effort, as experienced personally”. Her inspiring speech was very helpful for the students as it will stimulate the students to work hard and perform better to get a job!!!