Fifteen years ago, Dr. Isa Sarac had a dream –  a dream of helping students from all over the world achieve their dreams through excellent, affordable education. He started university with one building, one degree program and a handful of students in Fairfax, Virginia. Now, VIU has expanded to three buildings, an innovative online school and several cutting-edge programs offering graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates educating students  from more than 60 different countries!

Dr. Sarac has been described by his colleagues, staff and students as hardworking, determined and caring. But, above all, Dr. Sarac is described as a visionary. “He has poured his entire soul into this university,” said Christina L. Koonts, VIU’s Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance. “He is a one-man think tank armed with heavy artillery, a visionary ready to debate any subject,” stated Prashish Shrestha, Executive Director of IT. Others agree, “I’m always surprised by his quick thinking,” said Badamsukh Yadamsuren, Vice President of Academic Affairs, “he is an excellent visionary and entrepreneur who is fully committed to the vision and mission of VIU.” Hilary Kozikowski, School of Business Program Coordinator sees Dr. Sarac as “a man who is success driven. He is a visionary and leader for many to follow. He sets goals with determination and passion.”

Often, his goals are challenging, and it is this challenge which the staff, faculty and students of VIU embrace. “Dr. Sarac believes that we need to continuously motivate ourselves to improve for the future,” stated Yoko Uchida Gursen, University Registrar. While Yannal Rawashde, VIU’s International Business Administrator, described Dr. Sarac as hardworking, passionate and fearless, he also noted Dr. Sarac’s humbleness, stating that it “allows every employee in this institution to have no hesitation in approaching him and benefitting from his knowledge.” Idris Ulas, Director of Marketing, summed it up perfectly, “Dr. Sarac is personally responsible for educating thousands of people from all around the world. He is a leader who can see the light in people and give them the opportunities and resources to reach their potential.”

Happy Birthday, Mr. President, and keep on dreaming!

With gratitude,
The Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff of VIU