What’s the hottest new club on the block? The VIU IT Club! The IT Club started the year off right, holding a popcorn fundraiser to raise money for future events. It brought in a real old-time popcorn machine and charged just $1 for a bag full of popcorn. Their fundraising efforts were matched by VIU Student Affairs to make for a great program of events to come.

Sporting their brand new fancy IT Club t-shirts, complete with scan code, club members gathered in the Waples Conference Room for an Xbox tournament. More than 30 members of the VIU community joined in the fun, playing virtual soccer and participating in dance-offs.

The VIU IT Club is our first club open to VIU Online students, and several upcoming events will be broadcast so members can join in from anywhere in the world. What’s in the works, you ask? Lots of cool stuff: a webinar on Microsoft Office, a guest speaker on VMware and many other great events!  Want to join in the fun? Like the IT Club on Facebook! (And, while you’re at it, make sure you like VIU Online, too!)