Posted on: November 2, 2012

Gone Global: MBA Edition

Gone Global: MBA Edition

Whether you aspire to be a marketing guru, a Wall Street financier or the founder of the next Google, you just realized you want an MBA. But in this new high-paced globalized world with thousands of programs to choose from how do you get an excellent education that will prepare you for business success without breaking the bank?

According to Business Insider, there are two important factors students must consider when selecting an MBA program: which key business skills students need to succeed in their career, and what kind of network they would like to build. “Globalization, Innovation and Flexibility are three main pillars of a successful business,” says Dr. Sergei Andronikov, Dean of Virginia International University School of Business, “Today’s leaders must be prepared to creatively conduct business across comfortable borders, with international teams and within a global environment.”

Preparing Business Leaders

So how do we prepare today’s business leaders? We start with a solid business education, focused on building key skills in marketing, finance, accounting, organizational behavior, corporate communications and managerial leadership. We add specialized courses where VIU students acquire best practices in their concentrations. For instance, an MBA student with a concentration in Marketing Management might take the Advertising and Promotion course, while a student working on an MBA in Finance would take a Trading and Risk Management course. Then, students take a course that integrates and synthesizes the MBA education and facilitates the transition from the academic to the professional business world. Finally, our MBA students complete an Advanced Business Project, where students apply their knowledge to solving real-world business problems in local Washington, DC area companies. Through every step of the learning process, students are encouraged by our expert faculty who share their practical experience and business know-how.

Building a Global Network

VIU is a truly international university with both students and faculty from around the globe. Our community consists of students from over 50 countries all of whom came to VIU for an opportunity to earn an excellent degree in a multicultural environment. When you enter VIU, you will start building your business network on the very first day of orientation as you mix and mingle with other aspiring business professionals. Your bond will strengthen as you move through your business core classes in a cohort. As you learn from outstanding faculty, listen to guest speakers who are on the very cutting edge of business, technology and entrepreneurship you will continue to make connections. Through internship and work opportunities, you will build your network in the Northern Virginia area, known as the “New Silicon Valley” because of its unique combination of technology firms, government entities, multinational corporations and venture capital.

The Virginia International University educational approach centers on the student. Our students get a world-class business education that is both effective and affordable. There are many scholarships as well as opportunities for Curricular Practical Training for those who qualify. “I am benefitting from a tuition fee discount as a student staff member,” says Anton Onischenko, who works as a Graphic Design Assistant at VIU while completing his MBA. He hopes to open his own publishing business after graduation. “VIU has broadened my problem-solving skills and given me an edge in the competitive workforce,” said Christie Mambounou, another VIU MBA student. So, now that you know how to select an MBA, are you ready to Go Global?

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