Posted on: August 20, 2012

@ VIU | Student Spotlight: Brenda Callahan

@ VIU | Student Spotlight: Brenda Callahan

One of the lesser known facts about our institution are the financial benefits that we provide to different individuals.  VIU is n authorized provider of Veteran’s benefits to the US Armed Forces.  We are able to offer great opportunities for students to come and study at our institution while receiving great benefits in funding from the US Government and our institution.  We also offer Workforce Investment Area program discounts to students who are in need of bettering their skill sets and reaching their career potential. One of our students that has participated in these funding opportunities, Brenda Callahan, has shared her experience with us below:

I heard about VIU through the Virginia Unemployment Office under the Workforce Investment Area (WIA) program. The WIA is a program that assists unemployed personnel with a “certain amount of funds toward a skill through a listed school. Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate of Learning that aims to help in gaining a better job.

I chose VIU because the university is located near my home in Fairfax, VA, as well as a convenient distance from my job in Ashburn, VA. The class sizes at VIU are small enough to let students receive one-on-one interaction with instructors and the diverse environment generates a variety of different cultures and viewpoints about any given subject. This type of environment also encourages students to interact with each other by working on projects together, instead of on our own.

What I like best about VIU is convenience – I do not have a long drive from work or home. Also, VIU enables qualified to students participate in their Internship program which is a wonderful opportunity to get on-the-job experience for their resume.

The VIU faculty is very understanding, they try to fit their classes with my busy schedule. They did not treat me any different from the full-time students. I can change my status as a full-time student if my classes are available during the daytime. So, I would say to other American students looking at VIU: what is an Adventure Outside-of-the-Box? There are opportunities at VIU that are not the same in the larger universities and VIU delivers an education that is just as good, but in my opinion better.

I have gained a lot of insight from my classmates, most of which have been students at VIU for a year or more. My peers have encouraged me, and I know that I have made the right chose by selecting VIU.

After I earn my Certificate of Small Business Administration, I would like to join a company that requires assistance with their small business, or even to start a small business myself!”