On March 17, 2012 the Rock N Roll Marathon Series came to Washington, DC.  The Rock N Roll Race series travels around the country and allows participants to run in either a half- or full marathon. Additionally, the tour goes to parts of Europe as well. Perhaps, what is really interesting about the marathon series is that they partner with various well-known charities, including the ASPCA, St. Jude’s, Lukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Susan G. Komen to name a few.  Since 1998, these charities have raised more than $266 million for their causes through the Rock N’ Roll Marathon Series! The race came to Washington this past March, and a few of VIU’s staff members were eager to be involved! Staff members Emily Leighty, Yobi Park, & Prashish Shrestha all participated in the half marathon on the 17th. Here is what they had to say about their experience in running 13.1 miles!

“The race was a great experience.  We were lucky enough to be running on a perfect spring day, and the course took us by some of the monuments and other D.C. landmarks.  What means the most to me is that I completed something I can really be proud of.  When we signed up for the event in October I couldn’t make it one mile – let alone thirteen!  This was a test of determination and endurance and dedication.  Another special part of it for me was getting to know my co-workers and teammates better.  Yobi and Prashish are both talking about doing it again; I haven’t decided yet if I will let them convince me to do the same.  There has also been talk of signing up for a full marathon (crazy) or climbing Mount Everest (crazier).  I’m hoping these ideas are the result of the adrenaline high.” – Emily Leighty 

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Reported by VIU MBA Student, Ariunaa Dashtsogt

Louis Armstrong’s signature piece, “What A Wonderful World” filled the auditorium as hundreds filed in for Dr. Jennifer Bailey’s lecture “Is World Power Shifting East?” on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Silver Spring, Maryland. At the front of the auditorium, Dr. Bailey stood resplendent in a technicolor, gold-embroidered, silk sari that fully captured the rich international perspective she was about to share with her audience. Bailey, one of the Virginia International University’s (VIU) acclaimed professors, teaches graduate courses in Strategic Management, Export & Import Management and International Business for the MBA Program. Dr. Bailey is also founder and executive director of the Bailey Institute, a global organization using technology to combat illiteracy in the United States, Liberia, Nepal and Trinidad and Tobago.

Twenty students from Dr. Bailey’s Strategic Management class and 200 area residents attended the lecture. The audience was treated to a plethora of research and analysis covering seven decades: The post-world war two economic rise of the U.S.; the re-building of European economies in the 1950s; the accelerated rise of China, India, Russia and Brazil over the past two decades driven by economic globalization; the steady decline of aid-recipient countries in Africa and parts of Asia by-passed by globalization; a decade of stagnant and declining European economies stuck with again populations and un-innovative economies. To simplify the vast body of research covered, Dr. Bailey established four global perspectives for assessing the premise that world power may be shifting East.

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