Posted on: December 15, 2011

@VIU | School of Online Education Lowers Tuition Rates

@VIU | School of Online Education Lowers Tuition Rates

VIU’s School of Online Education is proud to announce that we have lowered our tuition rates for all programs and courses offered online! Due to a decrease in costs required to run online courses, the School of Online Education has made the decision to greatly lower our per-credit hour tuition rates.  Tuition rates for the graduate programs are now $389.00 per credit hour, and undergraduate programs are now $315.00 per credit hour for full time study.

VIU’s School of Online Education allows students to go beyond geographical distances so do not worry about coming to campus – all course material is at your fingertips!

Several study options are available to students of VIU Online Education:

    • You can choose to take online courses together with on campus courses to complete your program
    • You may decide to take all of the courses online at time at a time and place that works best for your schedule and your wallet, without ever stepping foot on campus!

VIU’s Online Programs include:



Every course offered by VIU Online is run by faculty that will guide you through the learning process with your classmates. As an added bonus, VIU’s Online Programs are no different than VIU’s campus-based degrees, boasting the same course material and learning objectives; the only differences are the price and delivery method!

To gain more information about VIU’s online programs, visit our website, or send us an email at