We are happy to announce that VIU Students have formed a new student organization : The Oriental Club. This club represents East Asian students studying at VIU and includes students from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau, North Korea, Taiwan, and China. More than 100 students of oriental descent are presently studying at VIU.

The main goal of VIU’s Oriental Club is to host a variety of activities to help students build friendships, break down English language barriers and enhance academic skills. The Oriental Club will host discussion sessions every Friday from 1pm – 2pm for the purpose of learning and discovering more about US culture and exchanging information. On November 18, 2011, The Oriental Club held their first meeting which featured Mr. John Bennett, Associate Vice President of University Affairs and Director of Library. Mr. Bennett gave an overview of the meaning of the coming Thanksgiving holiday.

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“Student Voices” is a personal space and platform available to Virginia International University Students wherein individuals are invited to share their goals, intentions, and thoughts with the others.  We sit down with VIU Students and allow them to share experiences, life stories, and their ideas with their peers. “Student Voices” will serve as one of the top personal spaces for students while studying at VIU. This interview was conducted by VIU Student, Ariunaa Dashtsogt.

VIU Student, Ananya Singhaputra, Thailand.

Our first guest is Ananya Singhaputra, a student from the beautiful Asian country of Thailand. This is Ananya’s first semester studying at VIU, in the Master of Information Systems (MIS) program. Ananya has resided in the United States since April 2011. When I sat down to speak with Ananya, we discussed how she came to the States as well as how she manages day-to-day life in America. We also discussed VIU’s Thai student population and how they have been affected by material and emotional distress due to the lasting Thai floods. Ananya is one of 25 Thai students studying at Virginia International University.

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On Tuesday November 8, 2011 the Pioneer Club welcomed Dr. Laura Hills, President of Blue Pencil Institute, to Virginia International University to address students, staff, and faculty on the topic of excellence.  Dr. Hills gave students the opportunity to create their own Personal Excellence Plan by asking self assessment questions and encouraging group discussions.   Dr. Hills taught participants how attitude, skills and professionalism can encourage excellence.

Abdelhakim Haddadi, an MBA student from Algeria said, “Dr. Hills gave us tips to review our attitude and a way to use our skills and work on our own personality, because it is part of professionalism.”

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H.E. Speaks to Students about Competitiveness in Globalization

On Thursday November 3, 2011 the School of Business and President Dr. Isa Sarac welcomed the Ambassador of Nepal, Dr. Shankar P. Sharma to Virginia International University to address students, staff, and faculty.  The Ambassador’s message on Competitiveness in Globalization resonated with many students in the School of Business who are currently studying in Global Logistics and International Business.

Kolawole Bakare, an International Business student from Nigeria said, “I am currently taking a course in Comparative Government and the Ambassador summarized the major points of the course, which for me was a great advantage. It gave me a clear picture and greater understanding of government systems.”

Dr. Sharma has 10 years of experience directly working in the development and growth of Nepal.   He encouraged students to pursue business and aid international economic growth.

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