Posted on: September 3, 2011

@ VIU | Fall 2011 New Student Orientation

@ VIU | Fall 2011 New Student Orientation

I want to take a moment to send my most sincere welcome to all of our new and returning students at VIU for the fall 2011 semester! I know that each and every staff & faculty member and all administrators are so enthused that each of you has chosen to further your education here at VIU! Each semester, the admissions office teams up with the academic departments and puts together a new student orientation program.  Emily, VIU’s Admissions & Student Services Manager, always puts forth so much effort to ensure that the program is informative, engaging, and memorable for our new students. She really goes above & beyond!   Emily told me, “New Student Orientation is important for all new students, especially international students because it provides them with an opportunity to learn about their new environment and the university before classes begin.  It’s also a time for the staff and faculty to get to know the new students!” Emily also informed me that many of our new students are arriving in the United States for the first time as they begin their studies, so it is a great opportunity to help welcome them and begin to make them feel more comfortable in settling into their lives here in the United States.

This semester, more than 60 new students attended VIU’s orientation program! The students had the opportunity to meet all of VIU’s staff members and were welcomed to the university by our president, Dr. Sarac:

In addition to the warm welcome from our staff, the students were able to hear talks from the Fairfax County Police Department, VIU’s International Student Services Office, Library, Online Education, Accounting Department, and also to hear about on-campus activities and internship opportunities from our Student Activity Department and VIU Career Center!

After the main program of the orientation, students received a tour of our campus buildings and met with the deans of the school in which they are enrolling. Local vendors also attended the event to assist students in handling some of the details that arise when moving to the USA, such as opening a bank account, obtaining a driver’s license, acquiring a cellular phone, and finding a place to stay, if necessary. Students also had the opportunity to check in with our Admissions Officers and register for classes!

Though orientation can seem like a busy or even daunting event to attend – it is definitely an important event, and our staff strives to make it as enjoyable as possible for the incoming students! Emily agreed and stated, “all-in-all, I feel that this year’s orientation was one of the best! The outpouring of support from our staff, and the enthusiasm of the students that attended the event is unparalleled!”