VIU was featured in this week’s copy of the EducationUSA Newsletter! The feature focused on Fairfax County Police Officer Twombly’s speech to incoming students for the fall 2011.  Click Here to visit the EducationUSA site and read the article!

  VIU President, Dr. Isa Sarac attended a local community event on Saturday August 20, 2010.  At the event he was able to speak with Virginia State Senator for the 34th District, Chap Petersen. Senator Petersen’s district includes Fairfax, Virginia, where VIU is located.

Please note: As an independent, not-for-profit university, VIU in no way endorses any candidate running for any sort of public office. This photo is in no way an indication of the university’s endorsement of any particular political candidate or political party.

With each new academic year, thousands of students at the collegiate level make their way out of their homes and set out on a  new chapter of life in another country. Some leave bustling cities for a rural town, while others leave a dilapidated village with its own sense of community. Some come from places exotic, with monkeys, elephants, tigers, and camels as a typical animal and trek to bustling cities where the animals are merely a dog or house cat, and the ever-populous sewer rat. At VIU, we see the expressions on faces of students entering from the far-reaches of the globe. Some are wonder struck at the difference in landscape or climate from their home, while others are timid, shy, and speak little English. At every new student orientation I find myself thinking the same thought ‘What a wonderful group of new students! We are lucky that they have chosen VIU.  They are SO brave-traveling so many miles from home and immersing themselves in this strange and at times unforgiving land.’ I worry for these new comers.  I worry about what impression they are receiving from our country. Are people being kind to them? Are they treated with respect, or are they shunned because of their ethnic background and unfamiliarity with the country they have dreamed of coming to? I would sure hate to have these bright-eyed, hungry-for-knowledge individuals realize their dream of studying in the United States, only to have the people living here treat them poorly.

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