In the past five years, the face of the global economy has seen drastic shifts. There have been major financial crises in what is generally considered the world’s top-performing countries ranging from housing market crashes, to increased unemployment rates, to unpredictability in the stock exchange, and heightened oil prices.  The United States has been no exception to these change. It seems that no business has been safe, and all individuals face the daunting task of fighting for their livelihood. In the past, trends have suggested that in tough economic times it is best to invest in yourself by investing in education. The thought is as follows – If you can improve your own skill set, you can improve your resume, and therefore improve your job security, or even find some upward mobility in the job market. I heeded this advice myself and enrolled in a graduate program at a local university. I earned a Master of Arts degree in Political Science, and found it to be a refreshing experience. I gained a great deal of knowledge, along with an immeasurable amount of life experience. I also gained another very, very valuable tool that is often an indirect, unpublicized result of attending graduate school: networking. contacts. shameless self-promotion. The reasons to work towards higher education are a dime a dozen, but it seems that one of the most difficult pieces each of us have with actually seeking a college degree is how to pay for it.

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Fairfax, Virginia: Virginia International University (VIU) is proud to announce that the university’s accreditation has been renewed. The institution underwent a renewal visit in 2011, and the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools (ACICS) has extended VIU’s accreditation through December 31, 2015. VIU has been accredited by the ACICS since 2008.

ACICS is an independent accrediting agency that was founded in 1912, and is the largest national accrediting agency in the United States. ACICS is recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Administration (CHEA). The organization accredits more than 800 institutions in the United States. For more information about ACICS, please visit their website at

Virginia International University is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization as designated by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). VIU was founded in 1998, and is located in Fairfax, Virginia. The university enrolls more than 800 students annually, and offers graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs in Business, Computer Science, and English Language Studies. Many of VIU’s degrees are also offered online. For more information about VIU, please visit their website at


If you would like more information about Virginia International University or the programs offered by the institution, please call (703) 591 – 7042 or email

VIU’s School of Online Education is proud to announce that we have lowered our tuition rates for all programs and courses offered online! Due to a decrease in costs required to run online courses, the School of Online Education has made the decision to greatly lower our per-credit hour tuition rates.  Tuition rates for the graduate programs are now $389.00 per credit hour, and undergraduate programs are now $315.00 per credit hour for full time study.

VIU’s School of Online Education allows students to go beyond geographical distances so do not worry about coming to campus – all course material is at your fingertips!

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This post was written by new VIU Blog Contributor, Gabriela Pereira. Gabriela is pursuing her MBA in International Business at VIU. Join me in welcoming Gabriela’s thoughts and words on VIU’s Blog!

I recently had to develop a “personal business plan” for the International Business Strategy class that is part of my MBA program this semester. The plan had to include my personal goals and a self-analysis that would evaluate what I would like to accomplish in different aspects of life in a 5-year timeframe. As I wrote that plan I began to wonder if a student’s self-analysis should be mandatory for all business schools. Business school is serious business. It involves much more than coming to the conclusion that you need a graduate degree to get a good job; it is much more than achieving a high GPA and attending classes. Alright, let’s find out what is this all about.

Let’s start with the smaller picture. As an international student getting out of college with an undergraduate degree no matter where you are from you have to ask yourself: what do I want to do with my life? What am I passionate about that can drive me to overcome obstacles and pursue something with all my strength? That is the initial question because business is about passionate people who believe in an idea, don’t have the resources to back up that idea but will pursue it until it becomes an accomplishment. But it all comes back to the core purpose, it all comes back to the mission, it all comes back to answering: why am I doing this?

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We are happy to announce that VIU Students have formed a new student organization : The Oriental Club. This club represents East Asian students studying at VIU and includes students from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau, North Korea, Taiwan, and China. More than 100 students of oriental descent are presently studying at VIU.

The main goal of VIU’s Oriental Club is to host a variety of activities to help students build friendships, break down English language barriers and enhance academic skills. The Oriental Club will host discussion sessions every Friday from 1pm – 2pm for the purpose of learning and discovering more about US culture and exchanging information. On November 18, 2011, The Oriental Club held their first meeting which featured Mr. John Bennett, Associate Vice President of University Affairs and Director of Library. Mr. Bennett gave an overview of the meaning of the coming Thanksgiving holiday.

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“Student Voices” is a personal space and platform available to Virginia International University Students wherein individuals are invited to share their goals, intentions, and thoughts with the others.  We sit down with VIU Students and allow them to share experiences, life stories, and their ideas with their peers. “Student Voices” will serve as one of the top personal spaces for students while studying at VIU. This interview was conducted by VIU Student, Ariunaa Dashtsogt.

VIU Student, Ananya Singhaputra, Thailand.

Our first guest is Ananya Singhaputra, a student from the beautiful Asian country of Thailand. This is Ananya’s first semester studying at VIU, in the Master of Information Systems (MIS) program. Ananya has resided in the United States since April 2011. When I sat down to speak with Ananya, we discussed how she came to the States as well as how she manages day-to-day life in America. We also discussed VIU’s Thai student population and how they have been affected by material and emotional distress due to the lasting Thai floods. Ananya is one of 25 Thai students studying at Virginia International University.

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On Tuesday November 8, 2011 the Pioneer Club welcomed Dr. Laura Hills, President of Blue Pencil Institute, to Virginia International University to address students, staff, and faculty on the topic of excellence.  Dr. Hills gave students the opportunity to create their own Personal Excellence Plan by asking self assessment questions and encouraging group discussions.   Dr. Hills taught participants how attitude, skills and professionalism can encourage excellence.

Abdelhakim Haddadi, an MBA student from Algeria said, “Dr. Hills gave us tips to review our attitude and a way to use our skills and work on our own personality, because it is part of professionalism.”

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H.E. Speaks to Students about Competitiveness in Globalization

On Thursday November 3, 2011 the School of Business and President Dr. Isa Sarac welcomed the Ambassador of Nepal, Dr. Shankar P. Sharma to Virginia International University to address students, staff, and faculty.  The Ambassador’s message on Competitiveness in Globalization resonated with many students in the School of Business who are currently studying in Global Logistics and International Business.

Kolawole Bakare, an International Business student from Nigeria said, “I am currently taking a course in Comparative Government and the Ambassador summarized the major points of the course, which for me was a great advantage. It gave me a clear picture and greater understanding of government systems.”

Dr. Sharma has 10 years of experience directly working in the development and growth of Nepal.   He encouraged students to pursue business and aid international economic growth.

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VIU President, Dr. Isa Sarac visited the Embassy of Tunisia on Friday October 21, 2011 to introduce Virginia International University to the Ambassador Mr. Mohamed Salah Tekaya and the First Secretary Ms. Faten Bahri.

The Ambassador emphasized an importance of youth education in Tunisia, where recently free elections were held for the first time in the history of the Arab Spring. Mr. Tekaya mentioned that he was very excited about writing a new page in Tunisian-American relationships as a representative of a new democracy. Dr. Sarac replied that Virginia International University had just two students from Tunisia, and that he would be happy to see more in the nearest future.

VIU on Mongolian TV

On October 7, 2011 Colors of America, one of the popular programs of Ulaanbaatar Broadcasting System which is the second largest channel in Mongolia, visited at VIU. One of VIU’s Mongolian students, Undraa Togosbold participated in this program in order to introduce our school and students’ life in the USA. Ms.Undraa who invited ‘Colors of America’ received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, in Japan. Now she is studying for her MBA at VIU, with a major in Accounting.

VIU has several Mongolian students who study a variety of programs including ESL, BBA, MBA, MIS and more. The percentage of students of Mongolian decent in the student body is increasing annually. For that instance the visit of ‘Colors of America’ was important for VIU. Mr. Batbayar, the producer of the program conducted an interview with Dr. Isa Sarac, President of Virginia International University, Mr. Bayarjargal Battulga, Business Manager and Ms. Emily Leighty, Admissions Officer. Dr. Sarac stated our school’s mission, vision and goals including his objective to increase number of Mongolian students and to expand our relationship with Mongolia, as a whole. Dr. Sarac mentioned that even though he founded higher education businesses in Europe, the USA was unique place where students can gain modern, up-to-date education. It means people can receive the most quality-oriented education only in USA compared with other nations.

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