One of the lesser known facts about our institution are the financial benefits that we provide to different individuals.  VIU is n authorized provider of Veteran’s benefits to the US Armed Forces.  We are able to offer great opportunities for students to come and study at our institution while receiving great benefits in funding from the US Government and our institution.  We also offer Workforce Investment Area program discounts to students who are in need of bettering their skill sets and reaching their career potential. One of our students that has participated in these funding opportunities, Brenda Callahan, has shared her experience with us below:

I heard about VIU through the Virginia Unemployment Office under the Workforce Investment Area (WIA) program. The WIA is a program that assists unemployed personnel with a “certain amount of funds toward a skill through a listed school. Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate of Learning that aims to help in gaining a better job.

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Virginia International University (VIU) and the University American College Skopje (UACS), located in the Skopje, Republic of Macedonia entered into an Academic Collaboration on June 18, 2012, during a signing ceremony hosted at VIU’s campus in Fairfax, Virginia. The agreement focuses on on educational and scholarly cooperation between the universities, as well as in research and other mutual interests.

The agreement between the two institutions of higher education opens the door for faculty exchange, student exchange, and equally important – the exchange of scholarly thoughts and ideas in the form of research, conferences, and more.  Further, the collaboration opens the door to potential joint-ventures between the universities. VIU is excited about the opportunity to work with universities beyond our borders and to engage in the promotion of higher education alongside the University American College Skopje.

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Click play to see a video from VIU’s Graduation Ceremony held on April 28, 2012!

Written by Ariunaa Dashtsogt, VIU MBA Student

Virginia International University is developing in such a dynamic way. We are improving our cooperation with other universities and educational institutions both domestically and internationally. As VIU builds concrete relationships with universities outside of the United States, we enable many prospective students to receive high quality education that fulfills their special needs. VIU representatives are putting forth a great deal of effort to expand our collaboration with universities abroad. I would like to highlight a few of the recent events VIU has taken part in overseas in recent months.

VIU in Casablanca, Morocco

At this time one of the VIU representatives Idris Ulas, Director of Marketing Department, has been attending international educational fairs in Morocco. He is also put on presentations about our programs and admission process at such events as education workshops, seminars, and many others. Mr. Ulas met about 300 students in Morocco, all of which have the unique desire to study at a U.S. University like VIU. “Young adults of Morocco are excited about VIU’s affordable tuition fee, great location, and scholarship opportunity,” said Mr. Ulas. Lastly, he sends his warm greetings to his colleagues and students at VIU from magnificent city, Casablanca in Morocco.

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On March 17, 2012 the Rock N Roll Marathon Series came to Washington, DC.  The Rock N Roll Race series travels around the country and allows participants to run in either a half- or full marathon. Additionally, the tour goes to parts of Europe as well. Perhaps, what is really interesting about the marathon series is that they partner with various well-known charities, including the ASPCA, St. Jude’s, Lukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Susan G. Komen to name a few.  Since 1998, these charities have raised more than $266 million for their causes through the Rock N’ Roll Marathon Series! The race came to Washington this past March, and a few of VIU’s staff members were eager to be involved! Staff members Emily Leighty, Yobi Park, & Prashish Shrestha all participated in the half marathon on the 17th. Here is what they had to say about their experience in running 13.1 miles!

“The race was a great experience.  We were lucky enough to be running on a perfect spring day, and the course took us by some of the monuments and other D.C. landmarks.  What means the most to me is that I completed something I can really be proud of.  When we signed up for the event in October I couldn’t make it one mile – let alone thirteen!  This was a test of determination and endurance and dedication.  Another special part of it for me was getting to know my co-workers and teammates better.  Yobi and Prashish are both talking about doing it again; I haven’t decided yet if I will let them convince me to do the same.  There has also been talk of signing up for a full marathon (crazy) or climbing Mount Everest (crazier).  I’m hoping these ideas are the result of the adrenaline high.” – Emily Leighty 

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