“My favorite Chinese New Year tradition is the hanging of the red lanterns.” – Praneeth, India

“I like visiting my relatives’ families on the Lunar New Year. Actually, it is called Tsagaan Sar which means White Moon. Visiting our relatives enables us to see the new members of the extended families. My favorite cuisine is a Mongolian traditional food which is called buuz. It is like a dumpling with meat inside, but it is bigger and tastier than dumplings.” –Bayarmaa, Mongolia

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On January 20th, the United States of America will swear in the 45th president. VIU’s northern Virginia location, only 30 minutes outside of Washington DC, provides students the opportunity to witness the event first hand. The official Oaths of Office for the President and Vice-President will take place around noon on Jan. 20th at the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. While tickets are needed to attend the ceremony, students can view the proceedings via giant video screens with audio along the National Mall. Spectators can also watch the inaugural parade on Pennsylvania Ave along the sidewalks, which are standing room only; the parade starts around 3 pm.

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Each month, we host a potluck to celebrate our birthdays for that month. This year, we’re trying something new with the potlucks.

Last year, we had a series of themed potlucks, but this year there will be no themes – just good ol’ food from your kitchen (or from the store, though that disqualifies you from the competition)!

Each potluck, participants will vote on the tastiest dish.  A “Hall of Fame” will be posted in the 1stfloor kitchen to display winners of each month’s competition.  So dust off your recipe box or try out some new ones!  Our January potluck will be on Friday, January 20th.  We look forward to trying some new food – just remember to sign up with your dish on the sign-up page so we can plan accordingly. 

5 Tips to jump start your first semester of 2017 Starting college in a new city and a new country can be scary and overwhelming, but you are not alone. Virginia International University is here to help students make the most of their experience and education. We’ve put together this list of 5 quick tips to help you settle in and make the most of your time at VIU.

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